Get a Repeat Prescription

  • Repeat prescriptions can be requested online using our patient portal, Myindici, or by telephone 3081212.
  • A medication review appointment with your doctor will be required at 3 monthly or 6 monthly intervals.
  • Turnaround is 72 hours unless there is an urgent request. For urgent same day prescriptions an additional fee applies.
  • All prescriptions are processed electronically and emailed to your pharmacy of choice.

Repeat Prescription Fees

  • Emailed to local pharmacy $27.00 or $22.00 for a Community Services Card holder
  • Same day prescription $32.00

Payment can be made via internet banking


A request for a repeat prescription may not be appropriate when:

  • The medication is prescribed for the first time.
  • The medication is being restarted.
  • The medication requested is the first repeat of that medication.
  • The medication is a strong painkiller, sedative, antibiotic, Roaccutane or other drug which requires careful monitoring of usage.

 If a request for a repeat prescription is not appropriate, you will be advised to make an appointment for a medication review.

 Patients generally require medication reviews on at least an annual basis.  Medication reviews may be more frequent depending on the type of medication and general health.

Are you going on holiday?

Don’t forget your regular medications. In urgent circumstances another prescription can be emailed to a pharmacy located in the area you are staying.